Revive Adserver Hosting references is responsible for the hosting of the Revive Adservers of dozens of publishers in various countries. They include:

AdCombination (Pan-European)

AdCombination was a pan European ad network that was founded in January 2010. AdCombination worked with the largest advertisers and media agencies in the country and accessed all major web sites and publishers in The Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux.

We ran the Revive Adserver for AdCombination since day one. The system has been extended with advanced functionality like retargeting and fully automated optimization. We also supported their traffic staff and advice AdCombination’s management on the best use of their ad server.

The fast growth of the new company did not go unnoticed, and seven months after the start, it was taken over by Specific Media from Irvine, California. We continued to run the ad server for about 2 years, until the moment when Specific Media decided to change their business.

LRF Media (Sweden)

LRF Media is a publishing company with over 40 titles in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. With a staff of about 500 employees and a yearly turnover of more than 700 Million SEK, the advertising on their websites is managed and served using the Revive Adserver, hosted by since the spring of 2011.

South Carolina Newspaper Network (USA)

The South Carolina Press AssociationSouth Carolina Press Association (SCPA) in Columbia, SC serves and represents newspapers in this US state and has been doing so since it was created in 1856. One of the services they offer is the South Carolina Newspaper Network, helping local and regional newspapers sell advertising for the print and online titles. The ad server supporting the online ad campaigns is hosted by Outsourcing the hosting and technical management of their ad server enables SCPA to focus all time and energy on managing advertiser relationships and serving the participating newspapers.

VinoClic (Italy)

VinoClicVinoClic is an online advertising network in Italy for the Wine and Food world, their aim is to become a household name in the rest of Europe too and the Revive Adserver, hosted by us since December 2010, is an important part of their strategy. (Switzerland)

ProviderListe.chWebTooL.NeT GmbH runs the Swiss internet provider comparison site, which has been online since 1997 and is well established in the Swiss internet scene. Lately mobile phone tariffs have been added. All sites deliver ads using an Revive Adserver system, which is hosted by us since July 2010.

Motomedia (Netherlands)

MotomediaMotomedia is the most versatile network of automotive web sites in Holland. One Revive Adserver system is used to manage all campaigns on eleven well known titles like,,, but also the Dutch visitors of German second hand car site

We have been hosting the Revive Adserver for Motomedia since the spring of 2008, and we also support and train their staff, and provide consultancy about advanced features and website integration.

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